Stock Pitch Competition

The IE Investment Club Stock Pitch Competition is the most practical event we offer. During the event, 5 finalist teams have the opportunity to pitch their stock in front of a panel of judges, including some of the most renowned industry experts in finance. It gathers students from different degrees, stocks, and experience; But all with the same burning passion for finance.

Preliminary round is due by March 11th


Stock Pitch Competition 

Preliminary round is due by March 11th



All you need to know about the guidelines can be found below, this includes:​

  • Competition Timeline and Location

  • Time Limit

  • Stock Selection

  • Judging Criteria

  • And More


- Team Size: 2-3 Students from IE

- Submit a 3 Page document with all your ideas

- Submission deadline: Marth 11

Structure for the Document

  • Executive Summary

  • Company Description

  • Internal Strengths and weakness

  • Industrial Overview

  • Competition Analysis

  • Catalyst

  • Company Valuation

  • Risk Analysis

  • Final Investment Thesis

For more detailed information on all these points and the structure, click the link below.

Last SPC's Top Preliminary Presentations



The Financiers

Stock: Walt Disney Company

May 2021

Pol Tallez Asensio, Ludovica Salerno & Alejandro Agudo Moliner


Edoardo Sebastio &
Elena Ferraris

 Dec. 2021

Stock: Metaverse

Team EYO

Perks of competing


Practical exposure:

by competing in the SPC, you'll perform tasks and analysis that will expose you to real accountabilities performed in investment on a daily basis, and gain substantial knowledge in the field.


Professional exposure:

the SPC offers you networking opportunities not only with other competing students with similar passions but also professionals with deep insights into careers in finance.


Learn By Doing:

For most members, SPC is a first-timer. Just like learning to walk. We give you the change to stand up, but it is up to you to take the first step and walk.


Soft Skills Development:

By pitching a stock, developing an entire thesis to support it, and presenting it in front of a large crowd lets you develop skills including teamwork, creative thinking, debate, and time management.


Preliminary Stage