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Help us grow the community of investors inside IE University. Here on the club, we welcome everyone:
From individuals who want to l
earn the basics, to experienced people.

Perks of joining us:

Stock Pitch Competitions

Put theory into practice: Compete with your peers and pitch your stock. This competition is held anually and the winner(s) will not only get monetary reward, rather also a feature in our Hall of Fame.

Practical Sessions

Our sessions are purely practical, any theory is immediately applied to real problems and tasks. During sessions, members have the chance to learn by doing, where the content taught is shared in real time. We want the members to experience how the job is actually done instead of having a guest speaker talk about their accomplishments.

Resource Base & Experienced Mentors

Where members can obtain practical knowledge without attending sessions. It's a library of content comprising useful materials discussing important investment concepts - as well as templates and other documents helping our community to perform real tasks in investment.


Investing isn't an option, it is something we believe that everyone should do sooner or later. By joining the Investment Club, it doesn't mean you want a career in Finance, rather that you're taking an early step in the responsibility you have of your own money. This club will help you understand why you should pursue financial independency and take care of it in the first place. We'll make sure to do anything in our power to provide the right tools and content so you can apply that knowledge and start investing yourself.