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Practical sessions, guest speakers and other events organizer or co-ordinated by us is displayed on this page. 

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How to make a dcf on a real company (1).png

How To Make A DFC On A Real Company - Guest Speaker

Here, we had Pietro Masera - with over 20 years of experience in investment banking and private equity - share his knowledge with us on how to make a DFC and apply it on a real life scenario by looking into the future cash flow analysis.


How To Value A Stock - Practical Lesson

The group gathered was given content and taught how to value a stock. This specific session was previous to our annual SPC event in order to encourage first-timers to further embrace their interest in the subject.

INVESTING 101 (1).png

Investment 101 - Practical Lesson

Theoretical instructions with mainly practical knowledge. Here, the audience was put into a collaborative learning environment in order to cultivate each other's interests and ideas. Students present were introduced into one of the main pillars: Balancing risk and reward.